On the “homosex-” oxymoron

1. why “homosex-” is a deranged oxymoron no truly aware intelligent, rational person uses (homo=same+sex=oppposite BY DEFINITION!):
“The gay invention” at http://touchstonemag.com/archives/article.php?id=18-10-036-f

and why it is a shame for professing Christians to show their rejection of ultimate Biblical authority by tolerating the use of such bogus antiBiblical trash that,  for which, like the similar frauds and devils’ lies of evolution and intelligent design (refuted at http://www.creation.com), they will have to give God an account at the Judgment (Matt 12:36).

2. why these manifestations of perversion resemble fascism
“The Pink Swastika” at

3. exposing of one of the most infamous of these child-molesting manifesters of perversion who virtually destroyed our entire country’s moral jurisprudence singlehanded due to gullible fools believing his lies



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